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For years, growers have dealt with calcium problems in leaf tissue; this is due in part to the way calcium is utilized in a plant. Calcium is not mobile in plants as other nutrients. Once calcium is fixed, it stays. Crops grown on high calcium soils can have deficiencies in younger leaves while older leaves closer to the ground can have adequate levels of calcium. When your crop is deficient in calcium, the plant will lose strength and cell wall integrity is compromised. The normal signs of calcium deficiency are not always present but the plant will suffer with insect or fungus damage. Growers that experience this damage may spend more money in pesticide applications trying to fix the problem. However, the problem continues. This is a Band-Aid approach. It does not fix the ailment so the problem will continue.

To be sure that you have calcium to all stages of growth, it is best to apply Gro-Cal MGB continually during the formation of new plant growth including fruit set. Rates of application can vary based on number of spray applications applied during this stage of growth. Tissue testing should be used to identify deficiency and follow up with corrective action. Gro-Cal MGB provides direct absorption through leaves where it is utilized by the plant's metabolic system to form calcium pectates, a major building block in cell structure, and enhances other internal processes.

Gro-Cal MGB can be applied up to 2 quarts per acre by adding it to your present spray program to correct deficiency. Applications of Gro-Cal at 2 quarts per acre are cost effective in preventing problems from calcium deficiency. Reduce costly pesticide applications by having the correct levels of calcium in your plants to prevent fungus and insect damage. Rates of application are 10 ounces per acre to 2 quarts per acre.

Gro-Cal MGB with its unique formulation provides the following benefits:

             Symptoms of calcium deficiency:

These problems are caused by an inadequate supply of calcium to the affected tissues. Deficiencies can occur even when the soils appear to have an adequate presence of calcium.

Rates of application

Most crops apply 10 oz. to 2 quarts per acre (adding to current spray materials). Best when applied with each spraying (of current spray materials) until appropriate calcium levels are reached.

Cost 2.5 gallon containers $ 75.50

Case 2-2.5 gallon containers Cost $115.00

Tote Price

$17.50 per gallon

Gro-Cal MGB

11.25% Ca, 7% N, 2.5% Mg, .07% B

Low Cost Crop Insurance

Cost as low as

$1.39 per acre

Home Raised Bed Gardens Soil testing Products 

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